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We make identification products not only our profession, but our passion. We want to be known as the trusted professional who is a go to for anything that needs identification. With 30 years of experience in the signage industry, we have a vast knowledge on how it all works.

Aura Ltd, nestled in the beautiful picturesque region of Marlborough and Canterbury, was founded with the sole purpose of providing industries with unique signage and labelling solutions.

Aura finally saw the light, and stepped out of the boots of a general signage manufacturer into the fast moving, adventurous and challenging shoes of a bespoke company solely focused on specialised products for many different industry sectors.

Hamish is the creator and promoter of the Aura ID vision. With past experience in management and business development he loves a challenge and has a mission to see Aura continuing to grow into a great company.
Arnie has a entrepreneurial background working in many businesses over the last 20+ years and has joined the team as a key account manager and strategic advisor to take Aura ID to new level. He is passionate about customer care and wants to see clients succeed through utilizing the key skillsets of Aura's people and solutions.
Brodie is a driver of the Aura vision, who is passionate towards helping clients with unique solutions Aura can offer. Coming up through production, then design and now in a senior role he knows how it all works and has a vast knowledge of the industry. Ready to help out and just another invaluable member of our team.
Glenn is our go-to man for anything operational, he is passionate and keen to deliver on time and in spec. His job role covers a wide range of activities ranging from purchasing – production right through to after-sales service.
Suzannah is the friendly face of the business, and often she will be the first Aura voice you will hear. Whether its crunching the numbers, helping our clients or keeping the place running smoothly, she has it covered.
This guy is lightning when it comes to running our machinery, he is only really happy when he has 2 or 3 laser engravers and a rotary engraver all working at the same time. He has got it on a string this dude!
Young, strong, fast and passionate are the words to describe Ian. He is fairly new to his role but has picked up the ball and run with it, any urgent job consider it done.
Matt is a madly creative designer that is keen to get his teeth into bringing your ideas to life!

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