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Asset Identification Tags

Why tag your Fixed Assets?


Increase security of your assets and facilitate recovery of lost or stolen assets. Tagged assets can be easily identified and this discourages theft and if stolen the tags can be used as prove of ownership.


Save time and money on inventory taking and asset audit process by automating the inventory process. Barcode tags make the audit process very fast as the software can lookup the asset details.


Increase accuracy by reducing human errors in collecting asset data. A barcode scanner ensures accuracy in reading asset identification numbers.


Improve planning and budgeting for new assets. The asset register is useful in tracking asset depreciation and is useful for planning purposes.


tagAsset tags provide an easy way of tracking assets as they move through the organization


asset tagAsset tags are required by insurance providers for validation and record keeping


assetsAsset tagging helps you gain an accurate overview of corporate assets. The value of asset is an important input into a company's books of accounts.


It is easy to keep record of employee responsibility over allocated assets. Once assets have been tagged, you can easily track who has been allocated what and this encourages responsible use of assets.



What is an Asset Tag?

An asset tag is simply a label put on an item to uniquely identify it. It comes with a logo in full color or in black and white, a bar code or Qr code and a unique serial number to uniquely identify the asset on which it is fixed on. Asset tagging is the process of fixing an asset tag/label on a fixed or movable asset to be able to identify the asset using the unique code given to it.

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