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Metal Barcode Tags

First of all, barcode labels are tags with different patterns of parallel lines to identify items. By scanning the barcode off an item, the optical barcode reader gathers the data by collecting laser light reflection of the black bars which represent a number. The gathered data is then sent to a database that interprets the results (price of the item and the serial number). The barcode reader should be oriented directly towards the tag and at a very close distance in order to read it.

The purpose of applying barcodes to the products & other things are for quick identification. Nearly every item in a supermarket will have some sort of barcode on it, which we all know gets scanned at the counter. Aura Ltd specialises in heavy duty aluminium and stainless barcode labels that need to withstand harsh environments and remain readable for the life of the machine. Talk to the team today if this is what you require.

The question is always asked in the market place what is the difference between Barcode labels and RFID labels. The short answer is that RFID is more recent intelligent technology but barcode labels still have their place. See diagram below which outlines the differences.

  barcode vs rfid


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