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Braille Signage

At Aura, we consistently look for improved and innovative ways of supplying signage to the disability market. We are experts at identifying and assessing your company’s needs for custom tactile and braille signs in your business. We can conduct a site survey and evaluate your signage for compliance to your local ordinances. Compliance is key first and foremost in our business with all Braille signage meeting the F8/AS1 safety standards. Aura is recognised as a recommended supplier of Braille and tactile signage to the Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind. Our disability signs can be manufactured using various materials, this means we have the flexibility and equipment to suit your needs. Our disability signage has unsurpassed durability and can be cleaned easily to remove graffiti. It is also resistant to degradation of all kinds, providing solutions that will serve their purpose with style well into the future.

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