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Engraved Switches

Aura ID are one of New Zealand's leading providers of a wide range of engraved electrical switches.

Encompassing many years of industrial engraving experience, our specialised team will deal with your bespoke requirements accordingly. You can therefore be confident that we will have top quality workmanship.

We engrave many switches and sockets every year and they can be colour infilled to your requirements. From one off’s to multiples, either deliver to our manufacturing facility or we can pick up for a minimal cost. 

Imagine the simplicity of entering a hotel room or office and not having to ask which is the patio fan switch. Engraved switch plates are a convenience in many settings. Even in your home, where you can have multiples switches on one plate, engraving makes them easier to use. Accurately labeling will prevent children and new users from switching the wrong appliances on/off.

Different Types of Switches

Our experts have worked with different materials over the years, which gives them invaluable experience. You can get our switch plate engraving services for various types of installations. Stainless steel, brass and plastic are some of the materials that we can etch. You can opt for simple text or something more intricate like an image on the switch.

Engraving Permanence 

Depending on the frequency of use, the labeling on a switch plate can wear out fast. Engraving is one method that guarantees that the writing remains legible and with engraved switch plates, you don’t have to worry about the text rubbing off after months. It is why engraving is recommended for commercial and industrial settings. 

OEM Contract Engraving

Aura Ltd is set up and adaptable to service OEM and large clients in extended contracts for engraving with preparedness to fully automate a production process to deliver ultimate efficiency and low unit costs.


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