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Tactile Lift Decals

According to the New Zealand Building code raised tactile and braille decals must be in any commercial lift. See requirements below:

Control panel

  • Provide floor level information near the lift control panel.
  • Avoid the installation of touch screen control panels.
  • Position the lift control panels in the middle of the side walls at a height that enables all users to operate the system.
  • Ensure the lift control mounting plate contrasts with the wall it is mounted on.
  • Ensure control buttons have both visual and tactile contrast with the mounting plate and are of a size that allows operation with a clenched fist.
  • Ensure floor numbers, symbols and tactile indications on the control panel are embossed not engraved with sufficient space around each to allow them to be read by touch easily.
  • Ensure if tactile information is positioned on the lift button itself, the reading of it by touch will not select the appropriate floor and that there is sufficient space between the tactile elements (including the edge of the button)
  • Ensure ground floor numbering is "0" not "1".
  • Ensure the building exit floor level button is green and protrudes further from the faceplate than the other buttons.
  • Provide a ‘rapid-close’ button and a ‘hold-open’ button inside the lift car. A ‘hold-open’ button could also be provided on landings, allowing the user to hold the door open for an extended period. 
  • Ensure there is visual, tactile and audible operating and registration feedback.
  • Ensure there is adequate illumination within the lift car and that building users are not expected to look at the light source when using the control panel or reading the lift position indicator.

Aura Ltd assists lift manufacturers, architects, signage contractors and construction firms with meeting the requirements for lifts within New Zealand by supplying compliant tactile and braille decals/signage. It is a pleasure to be a part of more accessible New Zealand landscape. Talk to the team today!

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