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Tool Tags

Nearly every industrial workplace involves using tools to get the job done. Manufacturing plants need tools for production and assembly, construction sites need tools for building, etc. Metal tool tags and labels allow for organizations to identify, track, and monitor their tooling.

Do you have tools going missing,

Many organizations invest a ton of resources into acquiring and maintaining their tools and similar equipment. Industrial strength tools such as specialized machinery are very expensive, and often require additional training and overhead.

This can be as simple as a serialized tag placed on each tool, or as complex as barcodes added to equipment to include it in asset management software.

Industrial tools are also a target for theft due to their high resale value and utility. Diligently marking each tool with a custom “property of (company)” may seem like a simple solution, but it is highly effective in deterring theft.


As with all items manufactured for industrial use, durability is one of the first things that come to mind. Industrial type environments include exposure to chemicals, wear and tear, and just about everything else you don’t want your tools exposed to. That’s why industrial parts and tools need to be resilient.

How durable are metal tags? That entirely depends on the material they’re produced from, and the process used for marking information on the tags. For example, a plastic decal with printed ink is not nearly as durable as a stamped aluminum nameplate.

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