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Utility Pole Labels

Utility Asset Identification


Utility poles are everywhere, they don't get much attention but they have a very responsible roll of transporting power to different locations. Maintaining and keeping a record of every detail associated with that pole involves a lot of work. Aura is a leading supplier to Electricity Distributors throughout New Zealand and Australia, offering  long-life asset identification and barcode systems to help record and maintain their assets.

Identification products for the utility industry include:

  • Utility pole identification
  • Transformer ID plates
  • Serial number plates
  • Power pole identification tags
  • Durable metal labels designed to last decades
  • Site access tags, wayfinding signage and general asset tagging
  • Custom labels, tags, signage designed to meet your specific needs.

Durable barcode identification products withstand the demands faced by gas, electric, and utility assets, including prolonged exposure to UV radiation, caustic chemicals, extreme temperatures, moisture, abrasion, and harming elements.

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